August 2020

August came, and with it the best days of the season started.

Cloudbase rised up to over 3500 meters and our regular Finnish friends managed to enjoy some amazing flying days with XC flights well in exess of 100 km.


Sopot delivered good flying almost every day, and for the few days of NE winds Dobrostan welcomed us for some additional flying.

In the second part of the month Niki continued with our finnish friends to do the annual XC Bulgaria trip, while Ivo was helping some very talanted students to beat their personal bests and to reach new horizons.


Ivelin managed to steal some free time to also make some amazing XC glider flights in NE Bulgaria doing 440 km tasks capturing some amazing views in his sailplane.

As August rolls away and the forest colors start hinting baout the coming Autumn the weather only gets better an better, lets see what the rest of the year has for us.