July 2020

While the world is going crazy on covid the thermals in Bulgaria started going crazy as well allowing our XC students and guidied groups to make some amazing flights.


The month started with the last of the intermediate courses for the spring period. The students were familiarised with active piloting techniques and extreme situation management with collapse simulation and flying at critical angles of attack.


The second part of the month provided some excellent conditions for XC flights. Our XC training courses and XC guided tour groups saw many smiling faces after personal bests were beaten and many happy pilots flew many happy hours and kilometers.

Few days of light winds allowed some of the XC training pilots to fly personal bests of over 180 km, and the few days at the end of the month provided no wind conditions for some huge triangles in the Sopot area (more than 200 km FAI triangles)


At the end of the month we had the first part of our annual Finnish invasion with our friends from northern Finland traveling arround the country to try and flight at the best spots.

As July comes to an end we're looking forward to what August has in store for us with the best days of the season still to come we are expecting some record flights in th Sopot area.