Mail address: SkyNomad Sport Club, Vasil Levski 13, 4330 Sopot, Bulgaria, Europe
Mobile: +359 89998 2566 (8:00 – 20:00 GMT+2)

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How to find the SkyNomad HQ in Sopot


When you get to Sopot town, go to the central main square with the statue of Ivan Vazov:


   Take the street on the West side of the main square, which goes North direction along the Ivan Vazov house and the cinema complex. Before restaurant “Dobrila” the road turns slightly righ (NE) and you folow it. The restaurants “Aralia” and “Rodeo” remain left (N) of you. The street turns slightly to the left (N) and after passing restaurant “Rodeo” on the left (W), you enter a small square where you can park your car. At the North-East side of this square are the Church with bell tower, Metoha and Radinoto Uchilishte.
SkyNomad Club is at the West side of the small square.

GPS coordinates: N 42°39.312′ E024°45.455′