Tandem paragliding is easy and natural way to feel the magic of flying like a bird. No need of previous experience. 
Just call +359 899982566 and arrange the place and the time of flying or order a gift voucher


  • Панорамен полет с парапланер

€ 60

The Panoramic paraglider tandem flight is 15-25 min relaxed flying into the air!
The most common comment is “beautiful map-like view and relaxed feeling”

€ 70

The ACRO flight lasts about 5-15 minutes and consists of 2-3 G acrobatic maneuvers like SAT, deep spiral, wingover… Cool!

€ 80

The Cross-Country paraglider tandem flight lasts up to 1 hour. We fly between 10-30 km using updrafts and flirting with the clouds. A merging with nature – nirvana!

HD Video and/or pictures for all flights – 15 € -please request your video recording in advance.

    The tandem (bi-place) paraglider is with big surface and is certified to fly with up to 240 kg pilot and passenger. You just sit in a comfortable seat, attached to the glider and your instructor, who takes care of everything. If you’re courageous then you can take the controls and fly the paraglider … or you can just enjoy the view from above.
    Flying without vibrating and noisy engine depends entirely on weather. This is the price to be in harmony with nature. To not disturb anyone.

    One of the main weather factor’s is the wind speed and direction. We don’t fly in strong wind. In moderate wind, the flying is done from sites with suitable exposure. 

    Throughout long years of experience and thousands of tandem flights, we continue to develop thorough meteorological knowledge and you can trust our recommendations about time and place for flying. Mind that all weather forecasts are reliable for 3-4 days ahead and nobody can guarantee good weather for certain day in future. Thus if you want to fly during the weekend, then you have to call us at Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. If you still insist for a certain date – for example a friend’s birthday, then consider buying gift voucher for tandem flight, which you give in a suitable moment. Then your friend can do the flight at the first opportunity.

We fly all year round, every day, from dusk to down (sometimes even at moon light 🙂 About 70% of days are suitable for flying between April and September. The cross-country conditions in Bulgaria are between March and September.