Assisted Flying is a new service designed by SkyNomad Paragliding School to help low experience pilots to be confident in what they know and do.


     Throughout years of experience, the school improves the training program toward more efficiency and safety. The post beginner’s students were able to continue directly with intermediate course, learning a lot in short time but not focusing enough on safety routines. Too much knowledge in too short time may work for talented students but it’s not the best for the rest.

    Knowledge > practice > habit > safety > enjoyment!

    The Assisted Flying is different than the training courses because it doesn’t introduce new techniques but reveals new sides of existing techniques of the pilot. Assisted Flying clears mistakes, cleans and tunes. 
Repetition helps remember and learn. Repetition is the base of safety routine procedures and habits. 

The Assisted Flying consists of: 
– weather and flying site briefing;
– supervision of take off’s, landings and flying techniques;
– assistance for the desired to improve techniques; 
– debriefing and analysis.

Depending on weather and student’s level it is possible to practice reverse take off, use of accelerator (speed bar), ridge and thermal soaring, top landings, etc. 

    The Assisted Flying is suitable for post beginner’s and intermediate course students and irregularly flying pilots.