September 2020

September welcomed us with warm weather and still exceptional XC weather for the first 2 weeks.

Our frinds from the UK, Israel and Romania flew every day often stacking flights of over 100 km in consecutive days.

Amazing convergence lines and high cloudbase allowed us to fly to the W over the steep main ridge of Stara Planina to discover the Beauty of the Zlatitsa valley.

The covid 19 situation all arround the world seems to have triggered the thrill seeking desire in a lot of people that want to know what it's like to trully live - only that could be the logical explanation for our fully booked out beginners courses in the second part of the month.

More than 15 talented students finished successfully our beginners and intermediate students and took to the skies in this amazing adventure called paragliding.



At the end of the month with the usual autumn Southerly winds Ivo and Niki found some time in between the courses to mix things up a bit with night time - moonlight flights, tandems and aerobatics - you can't fight the moonlight :)

Autumn is knocking on the door  - and we're yet to see what the colorful October brings us.