October 2018

It seemed that the summer didn't wanted to end this year.

October provided the perfect conditions for training and amazingly even samall cross country flying for the eager flocks of new birds that joined us in the beginners and intermediate courses.

More than 20 students took to the skies and discovered the beautiful new world of paragliding.


The last days of October also gave us some amzains views of the mist covered valley and flights above the clouds.


However despite the good weather - winter is knocking on the door and it's time for our instructors to migrate to warmer places.

Nikolay Yotov is planing the usual trips to Ethiopia and Kenya - lookup our calendar for more details.

Ivelin Kalushkov is again migrating to Australia to chase the flying kangaroos along side our friends at FlyManilla.


Calendar for next year events will be published by the end of November - check back our website for more info or our facebook page.