June - November 2021

The active season is making place for the winter months but despite the crazy world we have been living in, this year was still full of flying, new frinds and new and old horizons to fly to.

In June...

... we added more flying friends to our flock. Both beginners courses were filled up with new faces from all around the world, united in the desire to fly.

Our students from France, USA, Bulgaria, UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Sweden made June very colorfull and fun for everyone and of course full of flying!

And while we were rotating between beginners and intermediate courses, almost suddenly came...


We started the month with a full group of cross country enthusiasts and amazing conditions for the first Cross - Country course for the season.

The conditions in the begining of the month allowed for some amazing flights in NW Bulgaria. Many of our students were beating their personal bests on a daily occasion.

For the first 3 days of the course we flew some amazing routes from Pastrina (Montana) and Okolchitsa (Vratsa) both in the NW mountain ranges and the Danube flatlands. After that we had 3 classical days innthe Sopot region finishing with a never done before flight arround the Sredna Gora mountain range.


At the end of the week we had again many smiling faces as every one of our students managed to beat their personal bests both for time and distance at least once during the week.



... brought us some very hot days in the first part of the month that lifted cloudbase to 4000 meters ASL. This allowed for some amazing flights to be done over the main mountain range in Sopot.


Nikolay Yotov took on some adventure flying routs including a storm ride to Greece and amazing trips in the Rila, Pirin and Rhodopie mountains.


Again we had the pleasure to meet our international XC gorups including friends from South Africa, Finland, UK, Holland, Estonia, Israel and ofcourse Bulgaria.

Despite the temperature anomalies in the first part of the month we registered an almost full month of flyable weather with amazing flights and sights.


In the beginning of September a national gliding championship was held in Blagoevo airfield (Razgrad) won by our  Ivelin Kalushkov after 4 tasks.


In the middle of the month we met our first groups of beginners for the autumn season, including a multinational group of enthusiasts from Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Bulgaria and India.


The smiles and cheer of the students that took to the skies for the first times continued into the colorful ....


The forest above autumn Sopot started showing it's colors, and the only thing more colorful than that were the gliders of our students in the sky above. Again we had a very diverse combination of new friends from all corners of the world.

Despite the difficulties in travel that the Covid crisis has been creating, ur groups were again filled with enthusiasts united by their desire to fly.

The smiles of our new birds from USA, Australia, Holland, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Germany, Norway, Finland and ofcourse Bulgaria again were shining on the faces of all involved.


And just like that while we were having fun came ...


With the last warm days of the gypsy summer we finished the last beginners and intermediate courses for the season.

Along with our new friends from Russia and Bulgaria we managed  to use the last thermic days and make the dreams of flying with a paraglider of our new birdies - a reality.

We received some help from our new 4 legged trainee instructor as well!


And once again many smiling faces were noticed on the landing field.

We would like to than all our old and new friends for trusting us to help them achieve their dreams and to show them the way up to the skies!


And while the winter slowly creeps in and the fogs are covering the tops of the mountains, let;s not forget that it's always sunny above the clouds.



With the coming of the winter the time comes for the usual adventures. Nikolay Yotov is getting ready for his usual trip to Africa - you can expect stories from his travels in our blog - coming soon.

Keep your eyes open for our calendar for 2022 that will be published soon as well.