August 2019

Ahhh - August - the summer at it's prime the cloudbase at it's heighest and the conditions at their strongest!

We started August with a unique Multi-National group including pilots from South Africa, Finland, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France and New Caledonia

The beautiful weather allowed for lots of days with flights of more than 100 - 150 kms .

And it's true what they say - paragliding is the slowest, most expensive and most beautiful way to go from one place to another where you have absoluteley no buisness!

But hey - you get to meet some interesting characters :)


We finished off the month with our annual FinnVasion with our good friends from Finland coming for 9-th year in a row!

Unfortunately the NE winds this year came quite late and the FinnVasion invaded mostly Dobrostan and Plovdiv area but nevertheless some amazing flights and routes were flown!


And in it's bad habit - August passed us on full speed just to remind us that autumn is on the door!

We are flying straight in to September - in pairs :)