March 2021

On 1-st of March along with the Bulgarian celebration of "Baba Marta" came the time of the first beginners courses for the season.

March came ith the typical weather style of a womens mood (in Bulgaria March is called the women month due to the drastic swings in the weather :) , the first beginners course started with windy conditions which later in the week turned into perfect flyable weather for beginners training.


Our first group of young birds progressed perfectly despite the complex meteorological conditions. We managed to do a good number of flights both from the trainng hill and the big mountain.

The beautiful conditions in the second part of the week allowed for good flights with good landings and some funny ones as well :)

In the end 6 smiling faces finished the first beginners course for season 2021

For everyone else dreaming of flying - we are expecting you!