March 2017

Season start with new horizons!

As spring started setting in the paralgiding season is kicking off.

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Nikolay Yotov returned from his second successfull expedition form Kenya.
Touring the Kenyan savanah for 2 months Niki managed to find a lot of new flying sites along with a international group of enthusiasts.
You can read more on the expedition here: (in Bulgarian)
ethiopia kenya
Back in Bulgaria the first group of beginner students for the year finished the course successfully and took to the skies.
On the other side of the globe Ivelin Kalushkov finished his gliding training obtaining GFA C certificate level in just less than a month.
Ivo managed to extend his training trough few aircrafts and took participation as a co-pilot in one of the tasks in the Lake Keepit Soaring Club annual regatta.
Opening new horizons trough flying sailplanes, Ivo managed to complete his first local cross country flights on the Grob 102, LS 7 and PW-5 planes.
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