February 2020

February brought more adventures for Niki Yotov and Hristo Petsanov in the wild beauty of Ethiopia.

Niki, Hristo and Yassen Savov set on an adventure to try new flying places and beat some height records.:

Here are some short stories from Niki and Hristo:

Toward March, there is a short rainy season, when weather destabilizes, overcasts and causes isolated showers over the biggest terrains in the late afternoon. Still, Rift valley and edges of big canyons stay sunny and good for flying. Juicy clouds and powerful but smooth conditions. Konjo flying at Dejen, Semien and especially Lalibela. Oh, Lalibela, my rocky honey. This dry days over para puzzling terrain, when we broke our altitude records and reached hypoxic 6000 meters. Being stupid and cute like kids.
And this enormous step between Indian Ocean and African highland continental air masses.

Niki Yotov


The Volcano

The views are unforgettable!  
Calm and smooth conditions.
Inside the crater there's a lake like a small oasis. The whole volcano is green - like a 1000 m bud in the middle of the dry flatland. 
The vertical rocks are a home of many vultures. While looking for a thermal Niki passed close to the rocks and llifted up all of them . They quickly pointed the thermal for us and we got up.
It's like they were trainded  - they hovered just above our wings. 

Hristo Petsanov