COVID-19 Flying Activities

Dear friends, 

Skynomad Team fully realizes the seriousnes of the COVID-19 situation all arround the world and hopes for a quicker and better resolution of theese difficult times for all of us.

However many of you know that the only stronger virus than the corona virus is the flying virus - a "sickness" that yet has to be cured!

Skynomad would like to inform all our friends that our activities are running uninterupted !

We are following the government advise for no group activities (no more than 2 people) -  that's why we are announcing preferential private 1 on 1 courses till the end of the national emergency situation.

Private courses will be run at the standard group course price but training will be according to health reccomendations 1 trainee - 1 instrutor in a wide open area of clean air and often separation of over 1 km (with constant radio control ofcourse wink )


If you're looking to spend some time social distancing - Sopot is the place to be - mountain, sunshine, fresh air and only your instructor communicationg with you from afar.

Our tandem operations are also running uninterupted - our masked Instuctors have been quarantined for 14 days and so far - corona - free :) They can provide large quantities of fresh air, beautiful views and fun!

Dont hesiate to contact us for more information!