August 2017

August came with the weather everyone was waiting for - record braking conditions and lots of flying.

Surely enough Yasen Savov proved that the conditions are record -breaking and smashed 2 of the Bulgarian neational records - for free distance doing 360 km from Nevsha to Kavala (Greece), and for FAI triangle - doing 225 km.

Tracklogs can be found here:

In the mean time - our mixed XC groups were getting in on the action beating personal bests and chasing the weather around Bulgaria - Sopot, Asenovgrad, Vratsa, Shumen etc.

We had a nice video from our friend Clive Mante - a recap of his adventures in July:

We also had the annual Trans Balkan 2017 -hike and fly competition which provided a challenging route for the competitors and was won by Tony Pirri from Switzerland - more info on the comp you can find here.

At the end of the month we had our second part of the usual Finnish invasion - with our big group of friends from Finland the adventure continued - again searching for new places to fly all over Bulgaria.

From the flatlands of Plovdiv...

... to the mountains of Vratsa:

Everyone got in on the fun!

We await September and the mellow autumn days! :)