Yes, we offer them here not only because of your non-flying company (spouse, kids, friends…), but also because some days may be too windy or rainy… or because you have had so much flying that you need to taste something different during your vacation in Bulgaria.

Indeed, there is a lot to be seen and done here:
– mountain trekking and bivouacing;
– rock climbing and caving;
– mountain biking to isolated rural spots;
– horse riding higher in the mountain or deeper in the forests;
– sight seeing of old Bulgarian style villages or historical places: Thracian tombs and temples, Roman ruins and spa, Bizantium churches, Old Bulgaria Kingdom fortresses;
– swimming in hot mineral water pools or physiotherapy (good for old flying bones and joints :-)
– city night life in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv…

Alternative activities with Skynomad in Bulgaria

    If some members of your party insist on taking a travel agent package to Black Sea coast or mountain resort, then we can still help your flying. There are SkyNomad Club members all around Bulgaria and you can join their flying in the area (especially at weekends). An easy option is to come for a 3-5 day trip with SkyNomad instructors and guides because they are usually chasing the best flying sites and conditions. We can also organize your transport but contact us in advance.