Българска версия


and food

  The Shambhala and LukOil hotels in Sopot charge about 10-15 euro per bed per night.

  The family guesthouses keep the local spirit and offer B&B for 8-10€. SkyNomad Club at the center of the town runs two authentic old Bulgarian style houses. The restaurants Chichovtzi and Rodeo are next to Skynomad Club and 5 minutes walk up the hill is the posh restaurant Kashtata.


The cable chair lift works from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (4.00 p.m. in winter); A one way ticket costs €2.5 but needs at least 8 people to gather 20€ for the turning of the lift. The other option is the 4X4 car used by SkyNomad which has place for 6 pilots with gliders and takes 15 euro to get to the take off. SkyNomad also offers trips to alternative take offs in the area and tours in Bulgaria.


  The active cross-country flying season lasts from April to September (when the thermals are normally usable between 11 am to 6 pm) but there have been very good flights (50 km and more) throughout the rest of the year. In winter, the air is usually very stable (inversions) but with many sunny days and good for beginners. During the second half of May (and occasionally in June and July) it might be unstable with cumulo nimbuses, but they're not so fast developing (like in the Alps) and you can choose between zig-zag flying around them or escape in the valley if it feels rough. There is a local light east wind in the most of the Rose valley (no strong valley winds), which combined with a main west wind is perfect for out-and-return flights and interesting competition tasks.

   Possibly the best way to learn more and fly more in Sopot are the training and guiding services of the SkyNomad Team. On their website www.skynomad.com you'll find many interesting articles about thermalling and cross-country flying, beautiful aerial photos and useful weather links.