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1-7 August, Central Balkan, Bulgaria

    The tradition is alive. The mountain is here. The thermals are waiting.

Welcome to the 4th edition of SKYNOMAD OPEN 2010! Again it will be a quest for the spirit of free flying. Cross-country competitions provide great opportunity to learn from each other and to discover new terrains and conditions.

    Again it will be a low budget FAI 2 competition focused on flying, flying and flying. The 70 euro entry fee will go for transport, mountain rescue and GPS-ing and can be paid when you arrive. The tasks will be over the Central Balkan region and take offs will be Sopot, Beklemeto, Kalofer. Again if conditions allow we'll try to break records and challenge you with interesting tasks.

... let the best win and all enjoy!

The Skynomad Team

cross-country paragliding competition start

first thermal

rose valley paragliding

Ravnetz, Central Balkan

paragliding competition transport