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5 August, Day 4, Task 4

The sounding forecast and rest of forecasting servers predicted easterly winds with thunderstorms ...
Big cloud mass with low base formed over the mountain.
50 km race to goal task was set: Sopot - Vasil Levski lake - Sopot - Vasil Levski cross road - Banya
On the first turnpoint the slower pilots got some rain from the cumulunimbus formed in Kalofer-Botev area. The task had to be stopped but when the info was passed to meet director, there were no more pilots in dangerous area and the Cb started dying (probably not enough humidity in upper air)
So the task continued and pilots had quick flight to second point. The third turnpoint seemed difficult because of the strong head wind but the plenty of lift (suck) from cloud mass on course required just push of accelerator with occasional turns for extra climbing. Some pilots underestimated the goal leg and didn't get the plenty of lift and lack of head wind they had before. 6 pilots made goal with Valery Tzvetanov first. Ivelin Kalushkov crossed the goal line 4th but ranked 2nd because of more leading points.
Day 4 results and Track logs

In the evening there was a beautiful pilots' party and concert of gypsydelic Jango Ze with lightening show of thunerstorms around Sopot ..

4 August, Day 3, Task 3

The sounding forecast looks similar to yesterday ...
The airmass is again warm and humid. In the begining the cloudbase is low (2000 m) with big cloud developments above the mountain. Later the big clouds dissapear and good clouds with high base (2500 m) form over the mountain and in flatlands.
70 km Out and Return task was set: Sopot - Skobelevo - Sopot
In the begining the conditions are weak and difficult because of the low cloudbase. Some pilots land near Djendema (Hell) but the big surprise was the strong north wind around the turnpoin and the task had to be stopped. It seems the organizers still have much to learn about the meteorology of the area.
The reason for the north with in southerly airmass movement could be hidden front mixing low altitude cold air coming from north and warm air coming from south.
Leonardo view of task, 8 km before the turnpoint
Day 3 results and Track logs

3 August, Day 2, Task 2

The sounding forecast looks even better then yesterday ...
The airmass is even warmer and more humid and higher up there is good instability at cloudbase (2-2500 m). There is some inversion over 3000 m with good congestuses over Stara Planina and Sredna Gora mountains but later in the day most of clouds dissapeared.
90 km race to goal task was set: Sopot - Vasil Levski lake - Kliment dam - Pevtzite cross road - Kalofer - Sopot
Most pilots made the first turnpoint easily but then crossing the flatlands and reaching Sredna Gora was a challenge. It was blue with hazy spots and some pilots landed near second turnpoint. Then coming back to Stara Planina was a challenge but still doable. Once reaching Stara Planina it was easy ride alone the mountain to the duty cloud over kalofer and back. 7 pilots made the goal with Orlin Dimov - first, Valery Tzvetanov - second, Anatoly Mykhaylykta - third.
Leonardo view of task
Day 2 results and Track logs.

2 August, Day 1, Task 1

The sounding forecast looks good but ...
The airmass is warm and humid and the thermals low are weak. The cloudbase is about 2000 m. There is strong inversion over 3000 m with good congestuses over Stara Planina and blue elsewhere.
50 km race to goal task was set: Sopot-Vasil Levski lake-Pevtzite cross road-Dabene training hill-Sopot
Many pilots underestimated the first turn point and landed. Rumen Zhekov got first, Orlin Dimov - second, Ivelin Kalushkov - third. Valey Tzvetanov and Ivan Nikolov landed very short of landing but became 3rd and 4th in ranking because of good leading points.
Day 1 results and Track logs.


  1. Stanislav Velchev Bulgaria Shumen XC Axis/Mercury09 25
  2. Kjell-Harald Nesengmo Norway Streamer Airwave/FR4
  3. Luka Gheza Romania
  4. Simon Headford UK Swing/Astral5
  5. Simeon Podbalkanski Bulgaria UP/Edge 307
  6. Vijay Soni India Axis/Venus2 777
  7. Sanjay Pendurkar India Niviuk/Icepeak 111
  8. Ivelin Kalushkov Bulgaria SkyNomad Club Aerodyne/Massai 7
  9. Ioannis Ioannou Greece Nova/Triton
  10. Georgi Ivanov Bulgaria SkyNomad Club Swing/Stratus WRC 48
  11. Rafal Pachulski Poland rohacka.pl Skywalk/Poison2 11
  12. Simon Green UK Nova.Tycoon 840
  13. Tomek Machalowski Poland rohacka.pl Skywalk/Poison2 147
  14. Donisan Alexandru Romania Gin 1131
  15. Luka Gheza Romania CrossCountry.ro Nova
  16. Wayne Gregory UK British Army Nova/Ra
  17. Nicusan Alexandru Romania Advance/Sigma7 88
  18. Daniel Sorin Radu Romania Millennium for Human Rights Advance/Sigma7 22
  19. Stefan Ivanov Bulgaria hotelmak.com Element/Fire2 0103
  20. Amade Auner Hungary Dark Dog/Element/aunAir Element/Fire2
  21. Daniel Pop Romania Airwave/Magic5
  22. Barth Sandor Hungary Aircross/U4 1111
  23. Penzes Zoltan Hungary UP/Summit3 20
  24. Vyacheslav Sapronenko Russia Swing/Mistral 5 117
  25. Oleksiy Savelyev Ukraine Gradient/Avax XC
  26. Mykola Solomko Ukraine Sky Country SkyCountry/Evolution 23
  27. Vadim Bugratsevich Russia sobakavgorode.ru Gradient/Aspen3 0884
  28. Ramiz Aliev Ukraine Swing/Mistral5 45
  29. James Greenlees Bulgaria SkyNomad Advance/Alpha 228
  30. Anastasia Lomovtseva Russia Extrim-Class (Samara) Wings of change/Twister xi
  31. Anastassia Leonova Ukraine UP/Kantega2 18
  32. Igor Artyukh Ukraine wife Ozone/Mantra m3 79
  33. Galambos Lazslo Hungary BSK Ozone/Mantra 01
  34. Jovan Severov Macedonia AQUILA UP/Edge 144
  35. Denis Ivanov Russia Sky_Country / Discovery 3 115
  36. Jan Lingen Germany UP International UP/Trango 3 7
  37. Vasily Rozhkovsky Russia AVA Sport Axis/VenusII
  38. Sergey Tichonov Russia Krasnodar PG Club Sky-Country/Mystic 2 75
  39. Alexey Belevich Russia Aeros 5
  40. Adrian Atanasov Bulgaria Ozone/Vibe
  41. Vasily Pavlov Russia Gradient/Avax XC2 177
  42. Konstantin Filipov Bulgaria Vertical Dimension Independence/Blade Proto 13
  43. Roman Anaev Russia Axis/Venus 2 10
  44. Sergey Kozhedub Russia Niviuk/Artik 2 226
  45. Sarig Istvan Romania Gradient/Austin Powder Gradient/Avax SR8 62
  46. Milan Sokacz Hungary
  47. Martin Jovanovski Macedonia AVA Sport 1
  48. Kaloyan Simeonov Bulgaria adrenalin.bg Element/Fire 12
  49. Anton Chukanov Russia Axis/Venus2 57
  50. Andreas Rieck Germany bodenlos e.V. Advance/Sigma7 1356
  51. Valerii Obada Moldova Univers-imobil Ozone/Addict 18
  52. Manuel Quintanilla Mexico REMAX Axis/Mercury Proto
  53. Valeriu Jurca Romania Sol/Tracer
  54. Monica Ciurea Romania Nova/Triton
  55. Bogdan Bazyuk Ukraine Gradient Ukr Gradient/AvaxXC2 103
  56. Przemyslaw Wojtkiewicz Poland Glide Club Gdynia Gin/Boomerang 5 323
  57. Wojciech Pomierski Poland Glide Club Gdynia Axis/Vega II 218
  58. Manuel Quintanilla Mexico REMAX Axis/Mercury Proto
  59. Sebastian Gilcescu Romania Gin 76
  60. Daniel Alex Ciuhandu Romania RedBull Ozone/Mantra R10
  61. Robert Machel Poland Axis/Mercury
  62. Dimitrios Iordanidis Greece AIOLOS Drama Ozone/Mantra M2 71
  63. Ioannis Katsandredakis Greece parashop.gr/ermis chanion Gin/Boomerang gto
  64. Igor Stoykov Ukraine Sol/Synergy3 51
  65. Vasile Lipcanu Moldova Swing/Mistral 105
  66. Christos Bakoynis Greece lealpa Axis/Venus 7
  67. Kacper Kowalski Poland Axis/Mercury 2008 0
  68. Dmitry Shoev Russia Termic Moscow Club Skif/Sarmat 42
  69. Athanasios Bakouras Greece AIOLOS Drama Axis/Venus 2 9393
  70. Antal Zink Hungary Flyaway Gin 123
  71. Aleksandr Bolotin Russia Advance/Sigma 7
  72. Catalin Chitu Romania Gin
  73. Radu Urdea Romania Air Adrenaline Windtech/Tempest
  74. Roman Kravchenko Russia kuban Axis/Vega 2 0201
  75. Pavel Voronin Russia Skif/Sarmat2 102
  76. Valentin Popa Romania Air Adrenaline Sibiu Skywalk/Cayenne3
  77. Peyman Ghahremani Ireland Nova/Triton
  78. Igor Aronis Russia U-turn/Infinity
  79. Domenico Pizzi Greece Lealppa Patra Ozone/R10 77
  80. Gil Holmes-Bell UK Gin/Sprint 13
  81. Denis Velikov Russia forest-import.ru Sol/Torck 31
  82. Slawomir Matras Greece rip curl freedom advance Advance/Omega
  83. Sarig Istvan Romania Austin Powder In.,Apemin Tusnad Gradient Avax sr 8 62
  84. Daniel Selincean Romania Turbulencia Gradient/Golden2 13
  85. Barna Haineala Romania Turbulencia Gradient/Aspen 371
  86. Imre Tugyi Hungary Niviuk/Artik 28
  87. Alexander Caravitis Greece sky.gr Gin/Boomerang GTO
  88. Anastasiia Veranian Russia Swing/Mistral6
  89. Orlin Dimov Bulgaria SkyNomad Advance/Omega proto
  90. Adam Zemba Slovakia ADZFLYparagliding.com Ozone/Mantra R10.2 131
  91. Oleg Pansyanov Russia Tadek Swing/Mistral 6 252
  92 Sebastian von Schorlemer Germany U-Turn/Infinity 2
  93. Espen Johan Havas Norway Gin/Rebel 230
  94. Bela Kovacs Hungary Dark Dog Energy Skywalk Poison 2 690
  95. Emil Podlaski Poland CREO Nova/Ra 417
  96. Stefan Vyparina Slovakia aparaglidingskola.sk Ozone/Mantra R 332
  97. Matej Belcic Slovenia Axis/Venus II 18
  98. Kese-Nemes Aron Romania Turbulencia Gradient/Aspen 2
  99. Slawek Kedziak Poland rohacka.pl Axis/Vega II 146
  100. Cyprian Koren Slovakia gradient, cmykodesign gradient/avax xc3 121
  101. Daniel Dimov Bulgaria Prelet Axis/Mercury 392
  102. Grzegorz Dudka Poland Advance/Sigma 7 4
  103. Iudean Augustin Romania Gin
  104. Alexey Mishchenko Russia ASA/Respect 221
  105. Armen Sargsyan Armenia Orange Armenia Advance/Sigma 6
  106. Piotr Besser Poland PKP Konopki,wife Gradient/Aspen2 123
  107. Peter Vyparina Slovakia aparaglidingskola.sk Ozone/Mantra R10 331
  108. Stanislaw Radzikowski Poland capitalhead.com Airwave/Magic 5 191
  109. Ivan Nikolov Bulgaria Axis/Mercury 171
  110. Georgi Jordanov Bulgaria Gradient/AVA sport Gradient/Avax XC3 77
  111. Jonathan Ramsaw New Zealand Team 5 / Red