March 2018

Altough the weather is warming up winter is still not gone and likes to remind us of that.

The first batch of beginners had a fairly wet week o training but all managed to finish their beginners course happy.

In the mean time Ivo is enjoying the beautiful and rather hot summer in Australia

February 2017

February proved once again that it's one of the best flying months in the very Southern hemisphere:

Ivelin Kalushkov qualified in the top 10 of the Manilla XC camp beating is personal best record making 217 km. and made a unique flight seeing the sunset and moonrise whilescoring more than 4000 m height.

January 2017

Paragliding across the globe! :)

With winter blowing at it's full power acros Europe - Nikolay Yotov and Ivelin Kalushkov take off on their seasonal miggration patterns to Africa and Australia

Niki decided to change his usual Ethiopia trip to Kenya where he's already making some amazing flights:

Ethiopia Paragliding