for conducting and participating in tandem flights

Passenger requirements. The passengers must:

  • have bodyweight under 120kg. (due to equipment limitations)
  • wear season appropriate clothing and mostly to wear high trekking shoes with good ankle support!
  • contact us at least 1 day prior to the desired flight date at +359899982566 or trough our e-mail contact form
  • be in a good overall physical and mental condition.
  • not have consumed alcohol or other illegal or sedative substances or drugs 24 h prior to the flight.
  • be at least 18 years of age or in the case of minors to present approval from a parent or guardian

Common conditions and user agreement:
for using a gif-voucher issued by Skynomad LTD. referred bellow as “Operator” for short.

  1. The owner and user of the voucher agrees to follow the current Common Conditions.
  2. The owner/user must keep the voucher till the moment of usage.
  3. The voucher is valid for the printed time period (usually 1 year from issue), and after the validity has lapsed the Operator cannot be held viable to any accounts or losses.
  4. Vouchers with damaged integrity is considered invalid.
  5. Before flight the passenger must read, fill and sign the Declaration – weaver of rights, informed consent
  6. With accounts of safety, the Operator reserves the right to end the flight or it’s preparation at any given moment and cannot be held viable for any expenses incurred by the Owner/user.
  7. The voucher is not a mean of payment, but presents the right for usage of a service provided by the Operator.
  8. The voucher does not include or cover additional transport expenses for the user/owner such as chairlift tickets, additional insurance etc.
  9. By using the voucher the user declares that:

9.1 Realizes and accepts that paragliding is an extreme sport and hold risk of injury and death!

9.2 Realizes the possibility and risks of the occurrence of technical malfunction during the execution of a flight with a tandem (biplace) paraglider , which could lead to an incident or accident.

9.3 Willingly accepts those risks and relives of responsibility the persons and institutions involved in organizing and conducting the activity.

9.4 He\she is in a good physical and mental health and has no complains.

9.5 He\she is nor under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and substances.

9.6 He\she has received instructions for the conductance of the flight in the form of the current common conditions and is obliged to follow the pilots instructions.

9.7 He\she is informed , that the organizer cannot be held responsible for unpredicted consequences from the flight.

9.8 He\she is giving consent to receive urgent medical help and in case of need to be taken to a medical facility.

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