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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need any prior experience?
For introductory day, beginner's course and tandem flying you don't need any previous aviation experience. For intermediate, SIV and cross-country training you will have to show us your flying skills and knowledge which will direct us where to focus on your training.

Q: Are there any weight, age and other restrictions?
: Except for tandem flying, the minimum body weight is 40 kg and the maximum is 140 kg. The rest like age, gender, etc. cannot stop any young spirit to adventure.

Q: How fit do I have to be?
It is up to you, but the introductory day and the first 2-3 days of beginner's course require walking up the 40 m high training hill with 10 kg equipment, several times a day. You don't have to be super-fit but you probably won't enjoy it if you are really unfit.

Q: How many other students will there be?
Depends on the season but usually no more than 3 students per an instructor. This means you always get the needed attention and still have opportunities to learn from mistakes of other students.

Q: What kind of license can I obtain for my training?
SkyNomad has trained pilots from all round the world (UK, Germany, Austria, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Australia). It is costly and time consuming to certify our school according to all different flying federations (BHPA, DHV, SHV, FFVL...) but we are members of Bulgarian National Air Club and we can issue international pilot licenses by the International Air Sport Federation (FAI). We also issue our students a log book proving their training and experience and when they get back home later they contact their local school or club for their further training, exams and ratings according to the rules of their local flying organization.

Q: Do I have to book my course ahead before I start my course?
It is recommended that you book your training in advance, to secure days that fit in with your free time. However, it is possible to phone SkyNomad a few days beforehand to check if we have spare place for you to come and do your training.

Q: Is it rquired to pay in advance or deposit some money?
No, you can pay your course or service when you come, before starting your training.

Q: I want to book a paragliding course as a present, do you do gift vouchers?
Yes, you can book our services (tandem flights, introductory day, beginner's training...) for someone else and on receipt of your course payment, a gift voucher can be posted to you.

Q: What do you mean by progressive discounts for groups or longer stays?
The more pilots - the less expenses. Thus you pay less for more people or for longer using of Skynomad services. There is also a seasonal discount of 10% from November to March.

Q: Do I need an insurance for flying in Bulgaria?
No. Medical and liability (3rd part) insurances are recommended but not obligatory in Bulgaria. First aid is free.

Q: What if weather does not cooperate with my flying?
If you bring some bad weather luck from your country then we will re-schedule the day you cannot fly for next days of your staying with us or for your next coming. If this is unavialable then we will return you the money for training for that day or offer you various alternative activities.

Q: Can my son be trained, he is 10?
: No, the minimum age for introductory day or beginner's course is 14. Below that age tandem flights are possible but we required a signed letter of parental consent.

Q: What do I need to bring when coming to Bulgaria?
High - fixing the ankle boots, long sleeve sportive clothing for the training, warm clothes for the cool evenings in mountains, swimming suit for the hot mineral water pools in the neighboring town. Please do not forget personal medications like asthma spray, anti-allergy drugs etc.!

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