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The winner of the competition is Peter Simonics (HU), Renata Kuhnova (CZ) is second and Forgo Szilard (HU) is third.
Final results

Similar to the previous day but more windy. A short task to Rozino...

The forecast claimed moderate SE wind and chance for thunderstorms. The task comette set an early 50 km race to goal (Zlatizta). In the begining there were weak climbs and tricky thermal cicles. Those who took off last benefit from the improving conditions but couldn't reach those who took off in the middle of the start window. Finnaly 7 pilots reached the goal and Orlin Dimov is first.


The forecast was for decreasing NW wind with thunderstorm possibility and the task comette (Godfrey Wennes, Orlin Dimov, Nikolay Yotov) set a late task to Kazanlak via one safe turnpoint in the faltlands. A huge anvil of a 50 km away on south Cb helped by several overcasts and thus softened the conditions and reduced the growth of Botev Cb. The competitors experienced various conditions from weak climbs in wide thermals to suspiciously strong lifts under the clouds. Unfortunately nobody made the goal because of the big overcasting over Kazanlak valley. Vladimir Neshev flew 40 km and became first.

The bad weather forecast reduced the number of registered competitors and 70 pilots from 10 different countries came to Skynomad Open 2007.
The first days of the competition were rainy and forced the competitors to finish the 300 litres of HBH beer.



photos from Skynomad Open 2007