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If you are curious about paragliding, then you should first try some of our tandem flighs.
If you want to learn to paraglide, then you can join our:

    BEGINNER'S paragliding course (6 days)
You will begin with ground handling and on the first day you will experience your first flights from a small hill. The initial theory about aerodynamics and meteorology will give you a good understanding about how a paraglider flies. Bigger flights will follow and you will learn the basic techiques to launch, control and land the paraglider.

After the beginner's course, you should decide if you want to continue with paragliding or not. We're open minded and keen to give chance for everyone, but some people give up because they cannot handle their natural fear, or don't have the time and money. Learning to fly a paraglider might be easier than learning to drive a car, but once you become a pilot, you should switch to non-stop learning mode. You should continue improving your skills and knowledge in order to be safe.

If you decide to continue, then you should do 30-40 basic flights in order to build routine in your beginner's course techiques. You can do it yourself, with the help of flying friends or supervised by our assisted flying service.

You'll become thursty for more and in order to continue exploring new skies and terrains you should learn active flying. The beginner's paragliders pass certification tests and have high level of passive safety. This means that they self recover from various situations. Still it's important to understand the recovery processes and help the glider to be more efficient.

    INTERMEDIATE paragliding course (6 days)
It teaches you the basic active flying techniques like pitch and roll control, simulating and preventing collapses, descending techniques like big ears and spiral dive. You will learn how to cope with turbulence and escape dangerous areas.

Now the sky is waiting for you! After being comfortable with turbulence, you can soar thermals and ridge lift. Of course, there will be more surprises and you should be cautious and seek the advice of local and experiences pilots. Ocassionally a strong thermal can take you higher than an experienced pilot, but don't think you're better than him. He still reads the terrain and the conditions better than you and knows which areas are good and which bad.

    CROSS-COUNTRY paragliding lessons
It's all about flying higher and further! The lessons teach you how to thermal and fly between thermals. You'll also become aware how the terrain interacts with the sky. Understanding nature and being part of it make many people happy!

For more than 10 year, SkyNomad Paragliding School has trained hundreds of students from all over the world. The school uses and sells quality equipment from the Swiss Advance, the Czech Mac Para and the German Brauniger.

Beginners' paragliding course in Ethiopia, Africa

Assisted Flying paragliding lessons in Ethiopia, Africa

Intermediate paragliding training in Ethiopia, Africa