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    Tandem paragliding is an easy way to feel the magic of flying like a bird and see the world from above. No need of previous experience! You can be 10-110 years old and between 30-130 kg.

    There are 3 types of paragliding tandem flights which can suit most personalities:

    PANORAMA - a classic choice for those who would like to try paragliding for the first time. 15-25 minutes calm flying in big space. The most often commenta are about the beautiful view and relaxed feeling.. Peaceful!

    ACRO flight lasts about 5-15 minutes and consists of 2-3 G acrobatic maneuvers like SAT, deep spiral, wingover... Supplies guaranteed doses of adrenaline. Cool!

    CROSS-COUNTRY flight is for those who want to go higher and further. The flight lasts more than 1 hour can and covers 10-30 km by soaring air currents and flirting with clouds. Fusion with nature and nirvana. Welcome back!

    The flying without vibrating and noisy engine depends entirely on weather. This is the way to be in harmony with nature. To listen to the whisper of wind and the songs of birds. To not disturb anyone.

    One of the main weather factors is the wind speed and direction. We don't fly in strong winds. In moderate winds, the flying is done from sites with suitable exposure. Some places like Lalibela create powerful daily circulation, which allows independent local flying regardless of the main wind direction. In calm conditions, most of the sites are flyable, but still some are better than others due to local micrometeorology.

    Throughout long years of experience and thousands of tandem flights, we continue to develop thorough meteorological knowledge and you can trust our recommendations about time and place for flying. Mind that all weather forecasts are reliable for 3-4 days ahead and nobody can guarantee good weather for certain day in future. Thus if you want to fly during the weekend, then you have to call us on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. If you still insist for a certain date - for example a friend's birthday, then consider buying gift voucher for tandem flight, which you give in a suitable moment. Then your friend can do the flight at the first opportunity.

PANORAMA tandem flight in Ethiopia, Africa

ACRO tandem flight in Ethiopia, Africa

CROSS-COUNTRY tandem flight in Ethiopia, Africa